Who uses these systems?

Poultry farmers,  Abattoirs, Municipalities, Schools & Food processing factories.

How much does it cost?

All sites have specific requirements please contact us for a site survey and a detailed quotation.

What chemicals are used?

Chlorine Dioxide.

Is Chlorine Dioxcide the same as Chlorine?

No, they are to completely different molecules with different properties.


Using chlorine for a disinfection is not only corrosive to your equipment but but also delivers inconsistent disinfection rates (At a pH. 4 and higher chlorine changes to Hypochlorous acid that however is not a disinfection at all). Chlorine leaves you with numerous risk factors.

With Redspot’s Water Treatment Systems we use chlorine Dioxide to serve as a disinfection that disinfects 10 x faster than chlorine. Site specific systems are installed and maintained by us. We strive to deliver the absolute best material and equipment throughout our system to ensure maximum satisfaction rates.


  • Lower your live stock’s mortality rate
  • Have 100% bacterial free water
  • Have an consistent disinfection rate between pH. 2 – 8
  • Prevent bacterial regrowth after disinfection
  • Environmentally friendly